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Contact for the Concert Appearance Request please send email from inquiry.  

New CD Information 🎶

Grazioso ( sold out only online music distribution )

With Bach ( Available for purchase : please send us email ! )

played the piano, but Imagine the sound of the Bach era

Shumi navi Piano Lessons ( Tokyo & Osaka )

June 20, 2018                       Tokyo 

June 21~,2018                     Yokohama ( for the inter. fest.)

July    8, 2018              Toyama Concert

July 12~17, 2018                 Vienna

July 17~31, 2018                 Malta inter. master classes 

Aug.  1~  2, 2018                  Vienna   

April30~May2,2019             Yokohama inter. music festival

For the piano lesson, please contact us from Inquiry or with email address. 1lesson ca. 60min. 20000Yen


Web piano lesson with Skype also possible!

Give the piano lesson from all over the world.